Moving Forward

Sinar Mas has been looking at the prospects of venturing into other businesses for better returns to the shareholders and the community. In line with the commitment of providing better services and products, new sectors are being developed that include mineral water.

As with the other essential commodities, Sinar Mas has ventured into processing and distribution of not just mineral water but ‘ionized’ water that is alkaline in nature and attributed to have natural properties for the prevention of old age or anti-aging. The ionized mineral water is considered healthier and clean & clear and first of its kind in Indonesia.
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Health Care

Opening in August 2008, Eka Hospital operates in two strategic locations, namely in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD), Tangerang province and in Pekanbaru (PKU), Riau province. To meet growing healthcare demand and expectations, Eka Hospital offers not only high quality medical care with a dedicated team of health care providers and state-of-the-art equipment, but also excellent patient service. Offering nearly 500 beds, Eka Hospital has more than 180 consultants specialised [PvD3] in various medical and surgical disciplines.

In the first year of its operation (2008), Eka Hospital obtained national accreditation from Indonesia’s Ministry of Health and international accreditation from The Joint Commission International the year after. Furthermore, by Investing in an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Eka Hospital has become the first e-hospital in Indonesia. The centralized patient database and electronic ordering system reduce error, improves patient safety and enables faster service. The EMR facilitates seamless transfer of patient information between hospitals.

Eka Hospital is the first hospital in Indonesia to introduce the “One Patient, One Room” policy. Except for the charity ward, all patients, whether in a standard room or suite, enjoy their own room and the improved safety, privacy and comfort it encompasses.

All of the above showcases Eka Hospital’s commitment to exceed expectations of their patients (and their loved ones) according to its operational philosophy stating that “Patient Needs Come First”. Eka Hospital undertakes various activities to promote healthy living among local communities. Going forward, being a “Joint Commission International” accredited hospital, Eka Hospital works hard to become a world class medical care provider.
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