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Company Philosophy


Sinar Mas believes that its business success depends on the opportunities given by the communities it operates in. Therefore, Sinar Mas acts as a responsible corporate citizen; it complies with all applicable laws and regulations and it respects the cultures of the host communities.

Sinar Mas offers value to consumers through quality products and services. By improving the quality of life of the employees, Sinar Mas provides satisfactory returns to stakeholders and further strengthens its foundation to build a better future for all involved in the process.


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Today, Sinar Mas is a rapidly growing member of the international market place. We have developed as a global corporate citizen who believes in sound and demonstrable performance, also in relation to the environment, local communities and civil society. Our vision is a balanced approach towards the three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental and economic. Our business practices are based on accountability, transparency, respect for stakeholder interests and ethical behaviour at all times. By respecting the law of the land as well as human rights we believe to create a positive growth pattern. We want to become a leading, highly competitive and profitable business enterprise on a global level, enjoying strong loyalty of our customers – the reason for our existence.

We recognize that international trade opportunities and competition will increase with the dismantling of trade barriers. Therefore, it is imperative for us to continually upgrade our managerial skills and technological capabilities to be a respected competitor in the many fields of our ventures.



In 1938, Eka Tjipta Widjaja developed on his business from a humble beginning. He started as a small trader in Makassar, Indonesia in coconut oil and other commodities. Later on he entered into the field of producing cooking oil. During his early days, Eka Tjipta experienced various challenges, with patience and conviction he developed his business network, and most importantly, he gained support and credibility from his fellow businessmen. The initial investment of trust, not money, helped him to grow his business even in difficult times. Hard work and perseverance helped him in growing a diversified business with a multinational outlook that is now known as Sinar Mas.

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