Comunication and Technology


Smartfren Telecom Tbk is a provider of telecommunication services that is proud to offer the world’s best technological products and services. Our system implements 4G LTE technology which uses various radio communication technologies to allow different clients use the same frequency without undue interference.

Smartfren’s cellular license also has the largest EV-DO network coverage in Indonesia, saving customers a lot of worries when moving between the archipelago’s many islands.

With the latest generation of 4G LTE technology, EV-DO (Enhanced Voice – Date Optimised), gives customers the best possible “through- put” in terms of quality and quantity of voice and data transfer. This technology has no capacity limits and shows highest transfer rates.

Smartfren is the first telecom operator in the world that provides 4G LTE (equivalent to 3.5G with download speeds up to 14.7 Mbps) and among the first 4G LTE operators providing BlackBerry services.

Smartfren constantly demonstrates its commitment to provide its customers with the best possible solutions in telecommunication services and also to satisfy customer expectations in all private and business communication objectives. As a 4G LTE carrier network that provides high speed mobile internet (mobile broadband) with Indonesia’s largest network, Smartfren is dedicated to continuously improving its skills, products and services to provide the world’s highest quality telecommunication services at prices that are affordable for the entire society.


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