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We show our social care by sharing with others


Indonesia experiences food price fluctuations every year, especially during certain periods prior to Eid al-Adha, Christmas and turn of the year. Since 2005, Sinar Mas also organises "Bazar Rakyat" (People's Bazaar) and has continuously distributed over 30 million litter subsidised cooking oil to citizens across Indonesia.

Bazar Rakyat demonstrate our commitment as a partner of government and the Indonesian community of which we are a member. The Bazaar aims at Indonesian citizens who suffer the most from price fluctuations of daily needs. Bazar Rakyat also provide Sinar Mas with the opportunity to implement our social responsibility programs.



Start with Kindness

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To support the religious activities of citizens, we are continuously donating hundreds of thousand Al Quran


As the country with the world's largest Muslim population, Indonesia requires up to 2 million Al Quran per year (according to Indonesian Ministry of Religion, 2011). But the national printing and publisher can only accomplished 60 thousand manuscripts. To meet this gap, Sinar Mas organized the Wakaf Al Qur'an and 500,000 Al Quran manuscripts has been endowed to citizens across nation since 2008.

Through 'Wakaf Al Quran untuk Negeri', Sinar Mas has the opportunity to make their high quality products and to brand in paper (Asia Pulp and Paper) as the spearhead of this social initiative program. This endowments are aimed at various institutions such as educational institutions, orphanages, houses of worship, Quran recitation groups and the needs.